About Me

Who am I

They call me Nick. Currently 30 years of age I fulfill a number of roles. Loving Husband, Caring Father, Home Handyman, Shift Worker, Occasional Gym User, and Amateur Blogger. These also form the basis of what this blog will cover. I’ve just passed 4 years happily married and my only child (currently) is 2 in July.


Where I’m from

I currently live with my family in Newcastle, Australia. A City that come out of an industrial age and is starting to flourish. Bordered by golden beaches on one side and the Hunter Valley wine region on the other.

Picture the Land from down under and you picture Newcastle, hence the title of this Blog.


Our seasons range from Sweltering Hot Summers where beach visits and Air Conditioners are a necessity. To Cold and Wet Winters where its preferable not to be outside, but not cold enough to snow.

Why I Blog

Being a Dad can be tough. trying to balance earning an income and spending time with my family can be both enjoyable and stressful at the same time, and I know I’m not alone with these feelings.

Look online these days and there are plenty of sources of advice and stories about parenting, motherhood, and staying fit and healthy, but what about something for the Dads. Information and stories about being a Dad by a Dad. That is harder to find, so rather then spending my spare time looking for that elusive source, I decided to become one.


What to Expect

  • Stories – ill share with you my real life experiences, so you can relate, feel your not alone, and generally have a laugh.
  • Photos – you know those pictures you see where you wonder why they stopped to take the photo instead of dealing with the situation. Most of those are taken by Dads.
  • Advice – now by no means am I an expert, and I will never claim to be, however I will share what I have learnt in my experiences. Take it as you will
  • Dad Jokes – it wouldn’t be a Dad Blog without them

Where to Find it

Everything I post will come under a category its related to (albeit somewhat loosely). Below is a quick summary and a link to each:

Family – Exactly what it sounds like, everything to do with raising a family and parenting in general. This is where you will find the topics you can really relate to. The serious ones, The Funny ones, and the ones where you just have to shrug your shoulders and get on with life.

Health and Fitness – What goes hand in hand with being a Dad? the DadBod of course! here you will find advice and experiences around maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle while also raising a family and passing those habits onto them. Remembering I am not qualified in any degree of fitness or nutrition, this is about what I do and my experiences. Critique away and perhaps you might be able to offer some advice as well. 

Professional – Being a working Dad is hard. You won’t find me launching into debates about who out of parents has the tougher gig, but you will find thoughts, experiences, and advice about how to maintain a stable income while still spending time with your family.

Dad Jokes – Exactly what it sounds like. While there won’t be one everyday, you can rest assured that when they are posted they are the cream of the crop. Not just any old Dad Joke, but the ones that are so bad that they are good. If you have one to share even better.

So have a look around and read some stories. You might learn a thing or two about what the life of a Dad or at least feel better about how your coping with Parenthood. You will Definitely get a laugh. Get in contact with me, share your stories, advice, experiences. I’d love to hear them.

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